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What is it?
KnowAssist is knowledge management for groups. It makes it easy to create and manage Markdown documents. It's also easy to setup. Take a look at some of the features below.
Feature highlights
  • Use anywhereRuns in your browser.
  • MarkdownAuthor documents in Markdown.
  • Multi-userMade with groups in mind.
  • Document historyBuilt-in version control.
  • The OmniviewA unique take on the main workspace.
  • Keyboard enabledKeyboard fans will appreciate the Omniview.
  • Merge conflictsBuilt-in document merge editor.
  • SearchHighlights matching text in the results.
  • FoldersOrganize documents in folders. Move them from one to the other.
  • Document linksLink to documents in other folders, too. The links continue to work even if the linked document is renamed.
  • Document flaggingYour flagged documents appear at the top of the search results.
  • TasksToggle task items with a click directly when viewing a document.
  • HTTP APIIntegrate with existing infrastructure.
  • PlatformsServer runs on Windows, Linux, macOS, OpenBSD. Optionally as a Windows Service or a UNIX daemon.
  • Setup in 5 minutesA single 5 MB executable. No dependencies. No database server required.
  • Reverse proxy friendlyIt just works.
  • User registrationSelf-registration and/or by invitation.
  • User managementManage users through the admin interface.
  • Simple licensingPay for the number of users. Free updates for a year.
  • In-app documentationLearn while using it.
  • Access controlPer-folder user access.
  • NotificationsGet notified of events relevant to you, for example when you become invited to get access a folder.